Google Fintech apps webinar #4: iOS14 impact on FinTech apps and recommendations, with AppsFlyer

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    Dear partner,

    Thank you for joining us and our partners Adjust, Vidmob and AppsFlyer for a series of weekly FinTech Apps webinars, every Thursdays, at 3PM GMT+1. You will learn more about the current trends and insights in the category, what creative and UA strategy to implement for growth, profitability, re-engagement and burst, how iOS14 has impacted the vertical etc.

    The calendar of the sessions is as below:
    1) 09/09: Industry trends & recommended strategy for FinTech apps, with Adjust
    2) 16/09: Creative design & strategy for FinTech, with Vidmob
    3) 23/09: Re-engagement & ACe for FinTech
    4) 30/09: Impact of iOS 14 on the FinTech vertical & recommendations, with AppsFlyer
    5) 07/10: Google Analytics for Firebase for FinTech

    Use this form to register / ask questions:

    Looking forward to having you!

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